36DROP7ALLONBOARD Craps Strategy.

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    Guys this 36DROP7ALLONBOARD strategy is not showing a substantial opportunity for live table play.
    The Route66 although made some nice profits at the live tables gave us a miss on many other numbers besides the 6 &8 and not much action.

    I've modified this strategy a little bit utilizing the DOEY/DON'T + ROUTE66 + 6/8 LocknLoad strategies incorporating a continuous COME/DON'T COME with place bets coming down with single odds after all numbers are placed after one single win on 6 or 8.

    Strategy looks like this:
    Minimum Buy in $200

    1) $10 Passline bet & $10 on Don't Pass
    2) Bet $1 Twelve crap
    3) When point established Bet 18 each on 6 & 8
    4) When 6 or 8 gets rolled "Go to 54 or 52 across"
    5) Place double odds behind the passline bet.
    6) bet $10 on the COME & $10 Don't Come continuously.
    7) Bet $1 Twelve crap
    8) Any COME to number "DOWN with single odds"

    This approach will give you plenty of action collecting chips from many places yet still preserving some of your base bets.

    Have fun with this one and make a few bucks at the same time.
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